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Is there way in qlik to kill a user consuming more resources

Hi Guys,

We are facing performance issues with our application. Our application is an ad-hoc application where the user can create their own objects and analyze the data. Most of the time the application hangs as some user runs some in-efficient queries or do a huge export. When I analyzed the logs I could find the error stating " Virtual Memory exceeded the parameters". Is there a way in qlik to identify the user consuming highest memory and disconnect the users from the system. Looking forward to hear all your inputs. Thanks in advance.



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Master II
Master II


You can use Qlikview server monitoring tools like System Monitor or Governance dashboard for this purpose and you can narrow down which dashboard or user is causing the issues.

QlikView Application: System Monitor v5.1.23

Personally, i restrict the user to create objects from the document settings in the dashboard. If the user is not familiarised with Qlikview , and he tries to create an object with some complex or improper expression or syntax, then the memory will shoot up in the server.

It is always better to restrict the user creating the object in the dashboard.


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

In addition to the suggestions from shankarece you could with calculation-conditions within the objects limit the max. number of rows which they could contain to avoid millions of rows if less or no selections are made to certain fields.

- Marcus


There are no per-user memory statistics. The best you can do is match the Audit Log messages with the Event Logs to identify what user actions happened during the period the memory increased. It can still be a bit of a guessing game.

There is no way to terminate a specific user session in the server.



You should first check the rules in your jurisdiction. In most places, killing people is not allowed.