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Creator II
Creator II

Issue while merging multiple table into one


We are planning to merge one or more tables(Pivot table) in to one table(Dimension will be common and all the expression will be added in one table). But the issue is in one of the table we are using MonthStart(Period) but whereas in rest of the other tables we are using only "AsPeriod"(Which is a field).

Is there is anyway we can manage to merge this by doing some changes in the expression so that it can handle MonthStart(Period) in the expression and we can merge the table with other table which is different.

Please let me know if you are not clear with the requirement.

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Please provide the sample data of Monthstart, Period

Specialist III
Specialist III


Please upload a sample application.

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If you want to merge the tables, you need to have common fields : name & content

For time period for example, you will need to store days (or hours or whatever) in a field that you rename. Whatever the source: you will transform your data into a common data (here days)

For the content use expression day(), Monthstart() .... There are a lot of expression: you may use them, encapsulate them ...

For the renaming, use AS so that the target field is the one you want.