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Issue while using the same license in 3rd system

Hi All,


In my system I have QlikView Developer license installed. I have developed one qlikview document in my system. The same has been deployed in to my windows application using qlikview ocx. As my system is having license I am able to open the qv document which is inside the windows application.


Same work application folder I have copied to the other system and then registered the qlikocx.ocx in the end user system. When I tried to open the document it was asking for the license code and control code. I have given the same license code and control code which I was using it in my system. and I was able to open the document.

error loading image

error loading image


My question is same folder I have copied to the other system. When I tried to open it, it gives the following message. It says the in that "The QlikView document was created by another QlikView Personal Edition user. Since you are using a QlikView Personal Edition, you may only open files that you have created yourself.


So my question is there was no message in that system where I tried in step2 of this post? Also when why it is didn't ask the user to enter the license and control code in the system which I tried in the step3? When I tried to open that it gave the message which is there in the screen shot. So why it didn't ask for the license here. If you say we should not enter the same license in the step3 system. Then If I want to enter the difference license where to enter as it was not asking for any license there on step3 system.

Let me know how the deployment should have happen. How we need to embed the license.

Please please help me out.

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