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Issue with Ajax - App not Refreshing

Hope someone can help.

Have written an app to show on a TV screen on our sales office.

App has 3 sheets with these being conditionally shown using a variable (Tabrow is hidden).


Variable set by the following:

=IF(Second(now()) >= 0 AND Second(now()) <=19, 'R1',
IF(Second(now()) >= 20 AND Second(now()) <=39, 'R2',
IF(Second(now()) >= 40 AND Second(now()) <=59, 'R3')))

On QlikView desktop, this works great and the report rotates its way through the sheets.

On the web browser, the report does not rotate through the sheets.

Report is loaded using the following command from a shortcut:

Server settings on document is set to "Server performs refresh automatically without client action."

Anyone have any ideas?





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