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Issue with sorting the text in bar chart

Hi All i'm facing  a problem

This is my table box where, i sorted the values and its working fine as expected.

first based on count it should sort

Next based on alphabetical order i should sort

its working fine in the table box



when coming to bar chart the case is different

The same dat when i'm converting into a bar chart,

its displaying in other order because of the duplicate counts

I have checked the Sort by A-Z as well but no luck

Please help me out

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It's the Dimension Limits that are causing this. Try this expression: sum({<country={"=rank(sum(orders),4)<5"}>}orders)

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Master III

use sort by Y-value


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Hi Robert,

I have two dimensions here one is month and next is employee

In the second dimension i cnat able to sort by y value

Creator II
Creator II

i cant see you,

kindly upload your sample QVW


You can change the sort order in the script of the employees. Create a small table that loads the employees sorted in the order you want. That will determine the load order of the employees. Once you done that you can load the other data and finally drop the table you created to sort the employees. Then you can sort the chart by Y-value and the employees will be sorted by their load order in the order you defined in the script.

If you don't want to change the script you will have to get quite creative with the Ord function on the first N characters to create a numeric value that indicates a sort order.  

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Use Dual(employee,Count)  

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Hi Gysbert can u please provide me a sample code,

and in the sort tab i'm already sorting the expression, by the same expression i have written in the set expression


please hekp me out

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o already had an expression in this which gives me sorting by top to bottom values but not giving me alphabetical order sort


Establishing a Sort Order | Qlikview Cookbook

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It looks like your chart is sorting correctly. From the legend, the dimension looks different from the table, but the duplicates are sorted correctly as:

Car...  Ela...    Fer...

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