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Issues with circular references

Hello everyone. I’m having some troubles to have 5 tables loaded without creating circular references and containing all connections needed. See below my data model:



The issue started when I noticed JV table wasn’t connected to stores table and it was messing up with the report. When I forced them to be connected, it became circular.

Basically, the mapping table contains where a data in “LC” and “JV” tables should go. For example, an entry on account X on “LC” table should go to [OP Line] 1 as well as an entry on “JV” with account Y.

The “chave2” and “chave3” fields are concatenations created to avoid synthetic keys.

Do you guys have any suggestion to me to have this problem fixed and the report being able to be filtered by any field on the “stores” table?

I appreciate any support given.

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You'll need to create what is called a "link table" in your data model.  This article should be a good start in understanding what that is and how to implement it:

Other searches for the term "link table" should get you more information as well.