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Join question, non 1:1 relationship

Hi All,

I'm working in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I'm trying to join the inventory table and the GL table.   I found that IVSLIDSX from IV00101 (Inventory) and ACTINDX from GL00100 (general ledger) contain pieces of the same data.  However, I've discovered that it's not a 1:1 relationship. The inventory index only contains inventory items, and the GL index contains everything.

I've found that this causes some issues when making selections. The selections do now work both forward and backward.  It appears that this is the only field where the data is shared between the tables.  It doesn't seem like this would be an issue in SQL (I'm an accountant by trade, my SQL knowledge is limited)  based on my conversations with some members of GPUG (link below).

Open Forum - GPUG - Dynamics GP User Group Community

Is there work around to this?


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