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Large table Send to Excel (2010) stops at the 256th column


A customer has a very large table with many columns.  They send it to Excel 2010 and it sends but only populates data to the 256th column ("IV").

Excel also returns "File error. Some number formats may have been lost."

This appears to be related to Excel 2003 in the research I've done yet the client is using 2010.  Is the QlikView client using older code for this export?  Any other ideas to troubleshoot or  is a solution known?

Thank you.

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OK others on the forum speculate this is QlikView code using the Excel 07-2003 export code (.xls) which results in the 256 column limit.  Can anyone confirm?

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I have the same situaion here.

I understand Qlikview using BIFF format to perform the Excel Export.

But is there any workaround to do it?

As if number of rows exceed 65535, it would export it in csv format. Would it be possible to do the same thing when it is more than 255 columns?

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi there

Simply right-clicking, you go to Copy to Clipboard & select Full Table. Then you can paste it into your excel.

It might not be as automated as required, but i have so look for data so this way serves my purpose.

Thought I'd share