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Line Graph with two dimensions and accumulative values


I´m triying to make a line graph with dimensios MonthYEAR and a line with the accumulative value of the month and the year. For example we could have this kind of input data:

Year,MonthYEAR,Amount, Perecentage

2009, January2009, 10 , 5

2009, February2009, 20,4

2009, February2009, 30,6

2009, Marcha2009, 56,2

2009, April2009, 15,

2010, January2010, 20, 6

and we would like to have an line graph comparing this two expressions:

MonthYEAR, sum(Amount*Percentage)/sum(Amount) accumulated by month of the year

January2009, 5 --> (10x5/10)

February2009, 5,16 --> (10x5+20x4+30x6)/(10+20+30)

Marcha2009, 4--> (10x5+20x4+30x6+56x2)/(10+20+30+56)

April2009, 3,33 --> (10x5+20x4+30x6+56x2+15x1)/(10+20+30+56+15)

January2010, 6 --> (20x6)/20

Notice that in January 2010 the accumulative is restarted. With the help of this fastantic forum I made it in a simple table but if I tried to translate it to a graph, in January QV still calculates the accuumulative with 2009 values and do not restart the expression.

Thanks in advance,

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attached an example of how I would do it.
Calculate the 2 fields in the chart:

Field1: Amount * Percentage
Field2: accumulated sum of Amount

Don't show these fields in the chart and then have a third field/value where you do Field1/Field2.

I don't know how to reset the accumulation though.

Hope that helps a little.



Here are both solutions from the previous thread, now expanded to include your new requirement.