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Linear Gauge in bar chart settings - Question

Dear All,

I am fighting with 2 issues regarding linear gauge setting:

1. I would like to get the below table (attached), however as a dimension, instead of a fixed one (now Kontrakt) I would like to use a cyclic group. The problem I have is to set a max value for gauge (for fixed one, I use max(aggr(sum(czas_pracy),Kontrakt)) - works perfect. Question - what formula should I use to have the max setting of the linear gauge correct for a cyclic group?

2. in the linear Gauge, I would like one specific value of one specific dimension (so, now the specific dimension is Kontrakt, and the specific value for this dimension is lets say "waisted_time") to have a red color on the gauge, not green. Is it possible? how?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help


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