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Linking Time Zone


Since i am new to qlikview, can you please help me on this.

I have a base table with ID and 6 different time zone date and time. Means each ID have 6 extra columns with date (IST,PST,CHST etc) and also 6 other columns available with Unique number. IST-1, PST-2.

All i have to do is, i need to display Time zone list box for user to select relevant time zone.

Do i need to create a inline table with 6 times zones and how can i link them with based table? Can i get your help please.



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Can you post a small qlikview document that makes clear what the problem is?

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Hello Gysbert, !

Sorry for the confusion. Please find attachments for more clarity.

Here i have total callsanswered information in sample qvw file, I need to show a list box with time zones. So based on time zone selection and date selection i need to shown total calls answered result. Example one call answered on 19th Nov in IST time zone which comes under 18th Nov PST.



Sorry, I can't make sense of your example data. I have no idea what's what. Can you explain in it more detail with a couple of examples?

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You need to load each part at a time and concatenate the tables'



          'UID'   as TimeZone,


          CreateDateUID          AS CreateDate,

          StartDateUID             AS StartDate,


FROM...'Your source'

Concatenate (TABLE)


     'UIDPST'                     AS Timzone,

     CreateDateUIDPST     as CreateDate,


Carry on with this logic. Then you use the TimeZone Field to change the selections


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Hi Gysbert,

If i am wrong earlier, below are details with more clarity.

1. I have a table with session ID, Date (CreateDateUID) and TotalCallsanswered. If i want to see Daily TotalCallsanswered, i can take Sum(TotalCallsanswered) with Date (CreateDateUID) dimension. So i can see daily wise data here.

2. My requirement is simple. In the same above table i have different dates based on respective timezone. Ex: For one sessionID date is available 22ndNov for IST whereas 21stNov PST.

3. My Requirement is to provide Time Zone list box to select accurate figure based on their TimeZone. For PST users, the above record should display for 21st date only.

Hope this would help me.

Thanks for patience.

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Thanks for the reply Mark. Is my understanding correct? Please see the attachment.

Can you correct it if i am wrong?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi ,

Did you got any solution for this scenario ?

as i am also having the same requirement .