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Contributor III
Contributor III

List Box used to Filter Dimensions

Sample Data Set 2.JPG

In the above example how would I use a list box to select the product ID and have the chart show just the plants that make that product, but show the whole plant look so all products and open capacity.  In essence use the product ID in the list box as a filter for what plant dimension values to display, but not impact the product detail data in the sum expression?

I would like to select 'Product D' in a list box and get the below results that show only Plants 2 & 4 but all products and open capacity at those plants

Sample Data Set 3.JPG


2 Replies

if it is really so straight-forward, why not just have a plant listbox.

a user can clearly see the first chart and identify that plants 2 & 4 have product d,

then user can just select plants 2 & 4 from the plant listbox

-> and then you should have your answer

... just a suggestion.

Contributor III
Contributor III

The concern is that we have 40+ plants and even more product types and  I would like users to be able to select a product they are interested in and get a chart of all the plants that make that product, without having to select or even know all of them.


Thanks for the comments