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Load numbers from excel cell

Hi Everyone,

We have excel file with a column which has values like 5.91702E+13 and Qlik is loading the value as it is and its difficult to do further analysis.

How can we covert the values like  5.91702E+13 into its actual number which is  like 59171111111179 while loading into Qlik?


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Creator II
Creator II

If the values in Excel are text, the following will do the trick:

=subfield(upper(FieldSci), 'E',1) *pow(10,subfield(upper(FieldSci), 'E',2))

Otherwise, try:


Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

No - Qlik perfectly well knows how to interpret scientific notation ... no need to go to complications doing text manipulation.





Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

To interpret numbers properly one can use Num#()


Num#(aNumber) will often keep the formatting and create a Dual-value.


Doing a calculation which is not changing the original number like multiplying with 1 or adding a 0 is a way of tricking Qlik into not keeping the original format.



will give 1000

whereas Num#('1E3') will give a dual-number of 1000 with the format 1E3.



Former Employee
Former Employee

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