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Partner - Creator

Load script hanging on a specific query

Hi all,

I've a problem with a query (return 2 field and 164 record)

select t.C_SOCIETA_ID,'C.I.' as DNF_FLAG
from sherpa.SHE_DNF_T141 t
where t.F_ATTIVO=1 and t.S_ANNO=2020;

When I reload the script on the server sometimes the query isn't executed (in the log I can see the previous istruction) and the script hangs.

I've checked with DBA and the query has been executed on the DB e the result has been send to qlikview server.

All other queries not have problem.

Any ideas?

DB ORACLE 19 and Oracle Client 11.2

1 Reply

There might be anywhere an error which breaks the transfer but this error didn't reach Qlik and therefore Qlik is further waiting to get any result (forever respectively until any timeout is touched).

If you could ensure that the query is executed and send from the database it means that the driver and/or the network caused this issue. You may run into any network/driver-timeout or the driver couldn't handle any data.

Therefore I suggest to check the run-times and if there are any customizing options by the driver/database. 

- Marcus