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Load scripts failed on end of month rollover

This morning I noticed that both our QV documents failed to load with a 'general script error'. QV9 SR2. I am a little concerned because both failed during their first scheduled reload in Feb. One document refreshes/reloads hourly and the other every 4 hours. Both documents have been running successfully up to now since November last year.

The failure occurs during part of the Temp Calendar creation via the Auto Generate function.

Before I include code examples I wanted to get this post onto the forums in case anybody else has experienced the same this morning.

Extract from logs below.

02/01/10 07:26:10: 2693 TmpCalendar2:
02/01/10 07:26:10: 2694 LOAD
02/01/10 07:26:10: 2695 Date(40329 + RowNo() - 1) AS %StartDate
02/01/10 07:26:10: 2696 AUTOGENERATE (40326 - 40329+1)
02/01/10 07:26:10: Error: Script line error:
02/01/10 07:26:10: General Script Error
02/01/10 07:26:10: Execution Failed
02/01/10 07:26:10: Execution finished.

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