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Loading columns in Pivot in "Load order"

I have a raw data with nearly 100 columns

When i do a normal load in Qlikview, and insert pivot , the field list appears in Alphabetical order

Its manually impossible to insert the columns one by one in the original order , esp when there are 100+ fields

in Excel, pivot table shows the list of fields in the original order .. but not in Qlikview

Any simple tricks to fix this ?


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What is the name of your columns?

You can also create something like below..

Create an inline table


Load * Inline


     SortingID, ColumnName

     1, Column1

     2, Column2

     3, Column3


Now go to Pivot table and sort by expression ascending or descending order

type =SortingID in expression


Please check enclosed file for better understanding..

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Hi Thanks for your reply..

Example of data

Geography, Region, Sub Region, Account Name, Account ID, Opportunity Name, Opportunity Value etc.. and100 other columns

I have nearly 600,000 records for these

Do you think inline load is feasible?


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Plus i dont want to sort the raw data as per expression.. Doesnt matter to me

I want to keep the "original order" of columns in the pivot ( as per load order)


You can either use Inline Load or create an Excel Table with Dimension and your desired SortingOrderID.

Second option is to write an expression with Match function but it is not feasible looking upon no of dimensions you have.

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Karthik,

this seems not to be possible for pivot tables in QlikView, where as for the table box it is a standard feature:

in the 'General' tab with one click you can have the choice of load order of fields


Hope this helps.



Hi till there is no expression in your pivot table

you can use table box available in qlikview.

and using load order as in 

post above.

but if you have any expression intable then you need to do it mannually either in straight or pivot table.

so its depends on need .

hope this helps