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Making a list box appear and disappear when one of the tabs in a container is selected.

Hello Everyone,

I have different charts in a container (There I used each chart in each of the tabs in the container)

I have created some selections boxes(list boxes) for one the charts in the container. If I Click on a particular tab then the selections boxes should showup, other wise disappear. How I do this?

Thanks in advance,

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Any suggestions any help

need ideas atleast.


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Sorry I don't have the answer but I am also looking for the answer for exactly the same question.

Please help !!

Contributor II
Contributor II

A bit footery, and not a direct answer to your question, but you can mock up a lookalike container using buttons to look like your container tab, and charts of identical size.

Use the button action to set a variable eg button1 set variable vShowmyObject=1, button2 vShowmyObject=2 etc Use the on active /inactive properties of the button to change the shading to mimick activating a container.

Finally use the conditional show on each object to dispaly or hide depending on the value of vShowmyObject.

Specialist II
Specialist II

as of my knowledge there is no option to capture the active container tab. I guess what Stewart has suggested could be the only work around if the requirement is such..



replace container with charts and buttons/text objects as Stewart suggests

or use nested container: a single object container with some grid container

in the grid container you can add 1 charts and some listbox