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Mapping LOAD with two fields, no processing - not optimized?


I have been working on an app where several mapping LOADs used to take quite long. I changed the order of execution a bit and used a temporary table which is now loaded optimized, resulting in a mayor speedup for the whole thing.

The one that is taking the longest now is a mapping LOAD again with just two fields and no processing, coming from an "original" qvd (straight from SAP) via a relative path as is usual in our system. I wonder, why is this not optimized?

I will try, maybe with a PRECEDING LOAD or something.

Does anyone have any idea why this is so?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Curious - with a small temp_table, loading the mapping_table resident from this, the temp_table is suddenly optimized, running much faster, and the mapping_table is faster, too (the mapping in total now takes 6sec, it used to be 32).

What is the reason for this? Is this generally so? Can I write that in my "best practices" catalog as something that should be done?