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Marketing campaigns together with sales analysis


I have faced this kind of challenge quite many times when doing project at customers. In typical case we have for example line chart to visualize sales per months / days / hours / etc. Usually there are ups and downs in the chart so my customers has asked me to include the sales campaigns into the same graph. I have tried to think what is the best way of doing this, but I haven't had a brilliant idea yet. I think the extension is maybe needed for this, but let's try if you can help me with better ideas.

I have attached a picture to this discussion. That is the result I would like to achieve. Briefly: I would like to have the sales line (or what ever kpi) and then I would like to see marketing campaigns on top of the sales line. Of course I would like to have a possibility to select what kind of marketing campaigns I want to see on top of the graph - but this is just normal filtering in QV.

I have tried to google "line chart gantt chart combo" and many other keywords, but with no luck..

Any ideas from this community?


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Partner - Champion III


You could try overlaying the line chart with a Gantt style bar chart (with minimal 'decoration' and background transparent). The problem with this type of overlay is that is not easy to make on-graph selections and the graphs can get out of sync when selections are made elsewhere in the document. If you can control these issues, the overlay works OK, otherwise an extension will be required.



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Former Employee

Thanks Jonathan!

Tried this one I tried also the solution where these two graphs were on top of each other - meaning not overlaying, but one is at the top part of screen and another is at the bottom (difficult to explain by the way )

But the problem is exactly the the thing that the scale is difficult to sync between two different objects.

The ideal solution would be to have one object to handle both "visualizations" - but maybe it is possible with extensions only. And I don't have skills to code those (yet)..