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Meaning of parts of an expression

Dear Experts:

Please note, I am very new to QV.

While going through discussions I found the following expression in one of them:

Sum({<year=,PeriodDate={">=$(=AddMonths(Max(PeriodDate),-12)) <=$(=Max(PeriodDate))"}>} CValue)


Sum({<year=,PeriodDate={">=$(=AddMonths(Max(PeriodDate),-12)) <=$(=Max(PeriodDate))"}>} total <PeriodDate> CValue)

Can you explain the expression and parts of it like -

1. {}

2. <

3. >

4. $

5. year=

Also in the very last part "total <PeriodDate> CValue", why <PeriodDate> is put here?

Imteaz Junaid

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Please  check in your help file  you will get all the  operators and functionsimageFile.png


Please check your manual for "SET ANALYSIS" all parts are described there


Hi Syed,

Some times in Qlikview we need to show some set of data separate from any selections so,we will go to"Set Analysis"

concept in QV.

Ex:- Even though you selected March Month in filter/List box you want to show Feb and Jan months data

(i.e It depends on your selection month)

The best material to under stand this concept is Your QV help  guide else go through the attachment for basic understanding.

You already learned in your SSC time sets in Maths subject this also approximately same to same.