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Migration from PowerBI Reports to Qlikview


I am new in QlikView world...can anyone suggest me some guidelines on the migration process from PowerBI report to Qlikview...As per my reporting knowledge, both tools offer the same functionalities to create reporting as well as dashboard...any major difference in that?? what about security in QlikView compare to PowerBI??

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Differences might be noticed in expressions, chart types, transformations. But that would depend on the complexity of your data model as well as UI expressions. Security wise all sorts of securities, like data security, app access level securities are there - only thing is you have to learn them how they are done in qlik. Go through the migration process and come back here in community if you find any difficulties. 

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Support (Former)

Amit summed things up pretty well I think, but I just wanted to post the Design Blog area of the Community for you, as there is a ton of how-to information there etc., that will likely be helpful to you going forward:


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