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Most Urgent...Front End Calculation

Hello All,

Please find the attachment.

It is required for Daily Sales Outstanding.

and it should be like this:

Date        Initial O/S       Sales         Collection             Claims          Closing O/S           Days

Apr-14         50               20                10                        5                       55                     <120

May-14       55               15                  5                        10                      55                     <120

Jun-14         55              10                 10                         5                      50                      <120

Jul-14          50              15                 10                         5                      50                        105

Aug-14        50              10                   8                        10                      42                       104

Sep-14        42              10                 10                         10                     32                        84

Logic to calculate Days is:

If(Closing O/S-Sales<0, Closing O/S/Sales*30,

IF(Closing O/S-Sales-Previous(Sales)<0, ((Closing O/S-Sales)/Previous(Sales)*30)+30,

  IF(Closing O/S-Sales-Previous(Sales)-Previous(Previous(Sales))<0, ((Closing O/S-Sales-Previous(Sales)/Previous(Previous(Sales))*30)+60,

IF(Closing O/S-Sales-Previous(Sales)-Previous(Previous(Sales))-Previous(Previous(Previous(Sales)))<0, ((Closing O/S-Sales-Previous(Sales)-Previous(Previous(Sales)))/Previous(Previous(Previous(Sales)))*30)+90, "<120 days"

Here each time I need current and previous values of sales till my Closing Outstanding becomes<0.

I have done this at back end but now things are dynamic, I have to calculate them at front end only

I need a function which would work similar to previous() at front end.

Pls Suggest.



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