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Mouse over

Hi Guys,

I want a mouse over function to enable a sheet in my Qlikview dashboard. I have a text object placed in a sheet. When you hover on this text object, a different sheet should open. Is it possible to achieve this in Qlikview ?

I also understand we can give a 'Activate Sheet' Action on the text object and could make the sheet to appear. Here I would not want the user to click on this object , rather the sheet should open when a user hovers on the text object.

Thanks !


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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Unfortunately there is no 'On Mouse over' functionality in Qlikview only the help text is displayed.

If you have knowledge of javascript you can create an extension to do the task for you.

Here is an example of an extension which changes the button colour on mouse over.


1) Yes, we can control navigation in qlikview

2) Your assumption is make sense, Even that's not possible Extensions too. (I will try out this Monday). If so, I will share JS file with you

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Thanks Anil


Is you issue resolved, post the solution.