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Multi-level Pie Chart

Hi everyone,

It's my first time using qlikview. I'm starting a new project, to display a report clearly and I want to creat a a multi-level pie chart. I saw this online and i would like to do it in qlikview. (click on the chart pictures to see how it works)

  1. Can i do this in Qlikview?
  2. Is it easy to do and i can do it my self or using the companies IT team or do I need an qlikview programer?
  3. Can i make it that user can choose the information he wants to see and the pie chart adapts to it.

For example.

center topic is: fruits

second ring: either choose all types of fruits groups , or fruit by a single group such as citrous. or even choose fruit by geographic region.

and so on.

  1. lastly, is there a limit to the amount information and complexity I can go with this.

thanks in advance for your help.

I've never used Qlikview so i really dont know the capability, flexiablity it can offer. I'm also considering BO. Any suggestions n which program would work better for this project.

1 Reply

1. You can add two dimensions to the pie chart

2. Don't create such dysfunctional graphics. Use a bar chart instead.

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