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Multiple Values for Input fields

Hi, All

I have such a requirement:

There is a user database, each user will have a unique ID.

In order to query users' particulars, we need to input the User ID.

It will be troublesome, if i have over handreds of userid and i input user id one by one.

Is it possible for me to input all the user ids at one go and load all the related user infor?

Thank you.

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If there is a user database, can you not just load it and then have selections simply by a list box?



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Hi, Gordon,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Due to some constraint, the approach i have explained is the only possible way.

My user wants to segregate the user id and personal information relationship.

Thank you



So you want to be able to enter a long list of user IDs, then load the user information for ONLY those user IDs?

One approach might be to enter the list of user IDs in an Excel file. Then do something like this:

LOAD "User ID"
FROM Users.xls (biff, embedded labels, table is Users$)
FROM your real data source

But I may not be understanding the question.

Champion III
Champion III

It looks like you want an input box where the variable's constraint is "select form the list of values". And, it is easy to setup the variable properties manually, but it's a burden to create manualy a long list of values, which will look like this:
Is this your problem? If yes, the solution could be to concatenate all users to get the list that you need in the correct form:
concat(distinct UserID, ';')
If the users' list is permanent, you can do it once, maybe in a text box, and copy the result into the variable settings, list of values. If the list of users is dynamic, the process of creating and populating the list should be automated. It's easy enough to create the list - use the same concat, but in the script. To get it into the variable properties, you'll need a macro. I don't have QV at this moment to try, but assume it should be possible.

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Hi, All

Thanks for your suggestions. Any one will solve my problem in one way or another.

Actually my users are expecting an application do the following:

userid list (input via UI to specify an input file, maybe) -> application -> user information list (output, exclude userid).

I have convinced my user to use an alternative approach.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Best Regards