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Multiple dimension multiple expression Graph challenge

Guys, I have got a new challenge:

I have 2 dimensions Frequency and TesterType. My Y axis is represented by the value of the column EISMin in my Qlikview table.

Now my challenge is I need to display one line in my line chart for every TesterType and depending on the value of the testertype I want my Y axes to be on the right or the left.

For instance, if my TesterType value chosen is 'Antenna', then I need the axes to be represented on the right side and if my TesterType value chosen is 'Radiated' I want the axes to be on the left. If I choose both Radiated and Antenna as my TesterType, I need the axes to be on right and the left.

The X axes cannot be continuous due to some project limitations

I tried the following options but wasn't able to solve my issue:


1. Impose one graph on another and make one graph transparent and visible only when the TesterType value was Antenna. With this I was able to resolve the problem of displaying the graph axes on either side of the chart based on Tester.


          Unable to synchronise the X axes values on both graphs as the range of the 'Frequency' (X Axis dimension) is different when the testerType is 'Antenna' and when the testertype is 'Radiated'

2. Create mutiple expressions one for each tester dynamically by calling a macro from the (OnPostReload trigger from Document Properties). This trigger doesn't get fired from the publisher. Hence not able to accomplish this task as well.


Create expressions dynamically, one for each testertype value and have only one dimension (Frequency). Very inefficient as the expression have to be created amnually by the customers using the push of a button or create the expression everytime the user opens the document. Takes a lot of time in processing which is visible to the user before they can start using the sheet.

Thanking you


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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Why can't you sync the x-axis? Can you not use the same expressions for Min, Max and Step in the Axes tab of both charts?

It doesn't sound like user-selections are necessary to calculate the expressions. Is that correct? If so, calculate them in the script.

Hope this helps,


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I tried setting the min, max and step to be the same for both graphs, however, when you do this the X axes scroll bar disappears and all the values are shrunk to this range. (The graph is not comprehensible in that case)

And one of the requriement is I need a discrete chart...