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Multiselect on a filter using triggers

Hi Community,

I have a product selection on my report, in which user should be able to select multiple products for all conditions except 1 condition.

I have written the below expression:

=if(GetFieldSelections([_Select Chart NM])='Top 15 & Bottom 15 Physicians',

IF(GetSelectedCount([Brand Name])=0,SubField( Concat(DISTINCT [Brand Name], ','),',')

,subfield(GetFieldSelections([Brand Name]),','))  ,

'("'&GetFieldSelections([Brand Name],'"|"')&'")')

What this expression does is, when top 15 & bottom 15 physicians are selected, then the user cannot select more than 1 product. whereas on all other selections user should be able to select multiple products and'("'&GetFieldSelections([Brand Name],'"|"')&'")'

expression comes into picture.

This expression works fine, but the problem is when the brand name has spaces in between it acts wierd. Say a user selects brand: "ABC XY" and brand "EFG", then at the first instant user can see the data for all selected products, but when the user selects anything else, say changes time period on report etc thebrand selection with space, i.e "ABC XY" gets deselected and user can see data only for brand "EFG".

Any Suggestions?



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