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Creator II
Creator II

Finance Dashboard

Hellow Friends,

I am going to develop an Application for Finance.Anyone Please give me some idea about KPI's of Finance or Share share qvw.



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You can find in the qlikview sample apps they are good apps with KPIs and also for your development when you work might be there is another KPI also. So you can try your self also for KPI.


I think that this is not so simple. It will depend upon the data that you have available. You cannot put together a value for sales/head if you do not have headcount. Many KPIs are also industry specific.

So you will need to see what data you have available and then speak to the end users about what they require. The applications on the website are a good place for ideas of what to use but will not give you the whole answer. I have used some of the neater ideas myself in the past.

Sorry not to be more specific

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

The question is a little open ended. Finance Industry or Department. There's a big difference.

KPI's are specific and can change overtime. Typically an organization should only really have around seven KPI's (most don't) and measures / metrics which make up the KPI's (which is where some companies get confused between them).

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You need to speak with the users, what are the targets they are working towards? What information would they like to see but can't? What data do you have? Is there any reports currently produced?