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Contributor III
Contributor III

NPrinting 17 Edit Template - Connection - Issue


I am trying to build a task in NPrinting v17. The task needs to send an auto generated email with the report in PPT format to the selected users. I have done the following.

1. Created the App

2. Created the Report

3. Created the connection, no issues there

3. Added the users

4. There are no filters and conditions (It should take the screen shot of the chart as it is from the qvw and paste it in the ppt)

5. Updated the Email message with required information

6. Set the trigger.

Below are the issues i am facing

1. The trigger runs successfully, however I am unable to receive the email with the attachment. Where as my counterpart from Hong Kong runs the same task and receives the email. What might be the issue here. I have checked the Email address and that is correct. Please be informed that I have used sender as the default Qlikview account.

2. The PPT my counterpart received is the template that i have selected, it is not taking the actual charts from the qvw. I tried to edit the template and can see no Variables, Formulas, tables etc. Please refer to the below image. I am not able to select the Connection using the drop-down.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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