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Creator III
Creator III

Need Help on Write back Functionality...???

Hi Experts,

We have 3 major Sheets and each sheet is having 9 hidden sheets Based on variable value , when the User wants to mark a Sheet/Report which he/she likes while reviewing the entire Dashboard.

We want Show the Name of that particular sheet liked by User in the Initial Major sheet.This can be Done using Variable but already we are using many variables in our project and if we use variables for this case also I think we are going to face performance issues due to more number of variables.

Please let us know if you guys know any other best Alternate to achieve this...

What is the best design that we have to follow to Satisfy user requirement.

Let me know if you need more clarification on the post Thanks in advance..

Best Regards,


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Sheets liked means?

Have you given any selection box for like or dislike?

Creator III
Creator III

yes , i want to give 2 buttons with names  Mark and Unmark. then using variables I can show the details if the report in marked by the user.

but to achieve this i nedd to create many variables and I am thinking that this is not best apporach to proceed.

and i also want to write back for record level , that means if the User likes any particular report and if he selects few records in that report. We want to show all this information in Main sheet / initial sheet.


is it possible to write comments on the particular record based on the user wish and any method to display those comments in the Main sheet / initial sheet.

Please let us know if you guys know any solution for this , also please dont hesitate to ask if guys need any clarifications.

Best Regards



You could use the QlikView Governance Dashboard and use the User Activity (Audit Log) on the Log Details sheet to see who activated what sheets when and how often.

You may well need to create a bespoke object in the QlikView Governance Dashboard tailored to your specific needs.

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