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Creator II
Creator II

Need Help

Hi Community,

I have a tab within one of my documents which contains a Pivot table of data. The table has 2 dimensions and around 50+ expressions.

when i am open application, it's taking almost 10 to 15 mins time.

Please can you suggestion's..

How to boost performance ??

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Master II
Master II

close the pivot-table

restrict the pivot to show only xxx-values

restrict the data on opening

think, whether you need the pivot-table in this complexity

HTH Peter



You can optimized your application in the script part.

1. Create the expression in the script part.

2. Use the variables in expression.

3. Most important part use SET in the expression which is fast and good for presentation.

4. Avoid if condition in the expressions



Creator II
Creator II

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reply..

Actually PIVOT table is the main chart..


Do you need 50+ expressions in one chart? Can you split the expressions to different charts on separate tabs?

Can you post a example of an expressions you are using, there may be a more efficient way to get the same results.

Master III
Master III

I am too surprised why u r using 50+ expression man

Not applicable

Few steps that can reduce the time to prepare the chart (not in priority order):

--Move all possible calculations to the script

--Avoid using Count and/or Distinct

--Avoid IF-ELSE statement, consider using Set Analysis

--Consider using Calculation Condition for the chart



Can you possibly post qvw file but before uploading the file, on the General tab find Calculation Condition and enter 1=0 then save and upload the file. This way when anyone from community download and open the file they won't have to wait 10 - 15 mins and people can understand your request and possibly suggest a solution.


Hi Paul,

In u r application u r using more expression so use all the expression in a script level and store into a variables,

call the variables in the chart level expression,

If u use the variables in the chart level expression it will reduce the load time of data in chart and it will increase the performance of the application..

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Paul,

Try the following...

Remove all dimensions from the pivot chart.  If the chart renders all 50 + expression fine without any dimensions, then the issue may not be your expressions, but the number of values in your dimensions. Back in 09 I submitted a case where the rendering of a Block chart was taking 15 or so mins due to the excessive amount of values my dim consisted of was to much. http://community.qlik.com/message/144151#144151

Another thing to consider is, what happens if the chart is a straight table?