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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Need answers to some frequently asked questions on qlikview

Dear experts,

I need to crosscheck some answers on qlikview. Please help me on that so that I can see if my understanding is correct or wrong:

1. Can we write to a database using qlikview? If yes,how? If no,why not?

2. How can I revoke access from users to create bookmarks in qlik access point?

3. Which tool is better qlikview or tableau? If I have 1 million records,which one shall I opt for and why? Based on data size,which tool shall be chosen to build dashboards?

4. Are there only 3 types of incremental load in qlikview i.e insert,insert-update and insert-update-delete or more?

5. How to write MTD expression if i want to display data only till certain date for every month like,only till 1st to 15th?

6. What all functions and topics are a must for a qlikview developer to know if he/she is 3+ years experienced?

7.How alt function exactly works in the backend?

8. How to build a hierarchy table in qlikview? Any tutorial available with example.

9. Main difference between drill down or cyclic group. 

10. Do we need to know anything else to clear qlikview certification apart from the below material?

* Qlikview reference manual

* Completing exam labs questions for exercise.

* Complete QV developer and designer book shared while training

* Exercising Qlik Check app questions.

I know these are too many questions to ask in one single discussion but any help on the above will help me. Thanks a lot for the help in advance.

11. Pros and Cons of max and if function.

12. Any tutorial on macros.


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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III


I will try and answer some of your questions..

1. QlikView cannot write back to a db out of the box, it hasn't been designed for that. you can however do it using an extension object (K4 analytics or SQL writeback comes to mind)

2. I don't think its possible to stop bookmarks from being created. When a user creates a bookmark, only that particular user can see and use it. it can also be shared to others users , this is a controlled by the  'allow creation of server objects' flag in the QMC. 

3. This is a Qlik community, so i am obviously going to say Qlik.I have no experience with Tableau

4. Yes that is correct. see this url for more info

5. A true MTD would be to current day in month, sum({<Date={">=$(=MonthStart(today())) <=$(=today())"}>}Sales). 

6. Difficult to answer, you should have an understanding of most of the functions after 3 years. 

7. see the qlik help file


9. Drilldowns a group of fields in a hierarchy that are predefined by the developer, i.e. Country, City, Town. The user can then click on a Country which will then display the Cities relating to that country and so on.

Cyclic groups are also predefined, you can group a number of fields together and by clicking the cyclic icon you can change the dimension to each of the values in the group in turn. Cyclic groups can also be used in expressions, i.e. you could have Sales Value and Sales Quantity in a cyclic group expression, then you can cycle the expression on each of them

10. Experience is the best knowledge for the certification


The Qlik help is an excellent way of learning. 

please mark as helpful if that helps. 


Adding to @hopkinsc answers for the 1st question of writing back to SQL.

Yes, Qlikview can directly write back to SQL using a simple insert statement. However, it would insert 1 record at a time.

An insert statement nested in a  for loop would be of great use here.

Recently I have found a document by @cheenu_janakira which would write back up to 1000 records at once.


Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Thanks @vamsee for that correction, i didn't realise QV could do that. Smiley Happy