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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need help in dynamic logic in a report


I have a requirement as below:

In a page, I need to have three charts one for each metric for a selected Customer.But the trick here is One Customer can have any number of metrics. A customer can have maximum of 30 metrics and minimum of 0 metric.

So, on selecting a Customer, the report should show only 3 charts (one for each metric) in a page and the next 3 charts in the next page.

If i hard code one chart for each metric for a customer, then i sometime i get empty chart (because that customer may not have that metric) in some pages (which i should not get).

In short, If i select a customer, 3 charts to be shown on the page and it should work dynamically.

So, can someone help me on this?


Karthick S

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