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Contributor II

Need to Add a new Field to an Existing Report

I am completely new to QlikView and I have been given the task to add a new field to a QlikView Report. The Report is fed from an Oracle View, and whilst I have easily added the new field to the View, I am completely at sea as to how I get QlikView to then add this new field where the outcome is simply display in a table on the UI with all the other fields from the View. The report at the moment consists of Loaders, Models, Visualisation, etc.

Can someone step through for me the steps I need to make to add one single field from a View to appear in a Table in the UI. There is no other additional filtering it is simply to add field from a View that has the data already from Oracle in it.

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Data is loaded into QlikView using the qlik script language. You can view/modify the script in a qvw using the script editor -- Ctrl-e or menu File, Edit Script. 

You just need to find the SQL Select statement in your script that reads the View and add the new field to the Select statement.  It will look something like:

SQL Select blah, foo
From oraview.myview;

You just need to add your new field to the "blah, foo, newfield" list of fields. 

It may look like this:

SQL Select *
From oraview.myview;

The "*' means all fields in the view, so you don't need to modify the field list to pick up the new field. 

Either of the above forms may be preceded by a Qlik LOAD statement which also has a field list.  If present, you would need to add it there as well. 


SQL Select
From oraview.myview;

You mentioned Loaders, Models, etc which indicates you are using a multi-tier ETL. That means you will need to backtrack to find the QVW file that contains the SQL Select from view and then make sure the new field is added (or "*")  to each qvw in the workflow.