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Contributor II
Contributor II

Need to Measure amount of Hours from two schedule tables

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to meausre amount of working time based on a certain schedule to determine how many overtime hours were worked for each employee ID. 


 What i have is a certain ID set with a start and end time. I also have a schedule set with amount of overtime hours based on the ID's location of EC or WC. I would like to have a sum of the amount of hours that was worked in overtime between the two dates based on the employee's ID location. 


I am not sure If a master calendar would help me, or a certain loop. Please note that this is a small sample size and will be running this for thousands of rows. 

I appreciate any feedback and assitance. 


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Creator II
Creator II

Hi, what is the standard working hours per day? And seems your working hours are also not accurate, take employee A as example, he/she started on 1/1 and ended on 1/2, seems that is over 24 hours, right?
Contributor II
Contributor II


The assumption in this schedule scenario would be that any amount of time that is not overtime is regular working hour. I would just like to see if there was a way to sum the total overtime hours for each employee that falls between the designated start and end date. 


The employee ID is not per individual It is a group of individuals throught the day, this is a sample data to help me get a better understanding on how I can proceed. 




Best I can offer is the Design Blog area, below is the base link, use that to do a search of things in just that area, there are hundreds of how-to posts though, so finding ones that align with what you want to do may be a bit tricky, but I expect you should be able to find some decent things to prompt some ideas on how to approach things.



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