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Partner - Creator

Network Days set analysis not working


I have a chart with the following settings:


Place (legend)

MonthYear (x-axis)

Expression: Count(Place)/$(vBusDays)

$(vBusDays) is NetWorkDays(Min({1<MonthYear=>}Date),Max({1<MonthYear=>}Date))

This works fine in my pivot table if I remove Place as my dimension and just keep MonthYear, then it shows the correct expression, however when I include both place and monthyear the data is incorrect.

For example for January 2015, it should divide Count(Place) by 22, instead when I have Place and MonthYear as my dimensions, it divides Count(Place) by 21, why is this happening? Even though I have used set analysis for networkdays!!

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usually this happen when exists problem relationation, check if exists values null or duplicate, probably in the Place some value is null..

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I think it is right when it divide by 21...

In Jan 2015 has 21 work days...


Would you be able to share a sample to look at?