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Networkdate between the GL Post Date and the Date selected by the user

Hi everyone. Please assist. I'm trying to do a networkdays function between post date and the date selected by the user. Post date is available in the database. In the application when the user selects a date, the function should calculate the number of days between that date the the user selects and the one in the database.


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You need to load the dates into your QV document. Then use the NetWorkDays function in QV. Do you want this in the load script or the front end? How do you want to show the information.

If you provide more information, then you will get more specific and relevant replies.

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Support (Former)

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The only other thing I can offer that may be of some help is the following Design Blog post:


Here is the base URL to that area in case you want to search further on your own:



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