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Partner - Creator

Numeric Text String Converted to Date

I have a TEXT string of data sometimes represented as a numeric value which I am forcing to text during the load (See Code Below). For some reason some of the numeric values are being converted to a date by QlikView even though I'm forcing them to text and I cannot figure out why. We have looked at the source data which is stored in a JBA data source and we have looked at the HEX representation of the data and everything looks OK.

Does anyone have an ideas?

EXAMPLE: 0040203 converted to 01/25/10

EXAMPLE: 0040211 converted to 02/02/10

Sample Code:

TEXT("Lot Number") AS [Lot Number Text];

FROM DATASOURCE.USA_VIEW_WMSLotTracking where "Lot Year" = 2010;

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Champion III
Champion III

I am unable to duplicate the problem. See attached. I don't have any theory on how it could get confused.

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Check in Document Properties, tab Number. Maybe the field is formatted as date there (?)