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Only Limit Selections to One Chart in a Tab

I want to have 3 charts next to each other in the same tab. One will show the demographic breakdown within the company, one will show the demographic breakdown within the industry, and the last will show the demographic breakdown overall. However, when I create these charts, selecting a company causes all charts to change and show demographic breakdown within the company. How can I accomplish what I want to happen?

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May be alternative states feature can help you if you have QV 11.

Can you upload sample or picture?.So that we can understand better


Aha! Alternate States is exactly what I needed. I'm going to research this a bit and see if I have any more questions.


Ok, Alternate States looks like a step in the right direction, but not completely what I need.

Take this Scenario for example: I have a tab with three charts and a two list boxes

Listbox 1: Select a Company to Analyze

Listbox 2: Make a selection based on what demographic breakdown you want to see

Chart 1: Show demographic breakdown within selected company

Chart 2: Show demographic breakdown within all companies in the same industry as selected company

Chart 3: Show demographic breakdown of all companies


If you a proficient in Set Analysis, you can get any combination of any selections made, with or without using Alternate States.

If you do use Alternate States, you could do something like this:

The Listbox for Company is associated with State1, as opposed to the Default State $.

Chart1 - The whole chart belongs to State1, no special Set Analysis needed.

Chart2 - The chart belongs to the default state, the Set Analysis expression filters the companies that belong to the Industry that's associated with the Company selected in State1. Something along the line of this:

sum( {$< Industry = {=$(only({State1} Industry))} >} Value)

          (Can't guarantee the exact syntax, since I'm typing it "dry" right here...)

Chart 3 - the whole chart is associated with the Default state, no special set analysis needed.


Oleg Troyansky

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