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Pareto Select

Hi everyone, I've been having some trouble getting a Pareto selection to work.

I need to analyze customers whose sales have diminished from last year to this. With that in mind, I need a table containing only customers whose 2012 sales are larger than their 2013 sales (for this part I've been using dimension limits with some success. However sometimes when dimension limits are turned on, the "Exceeded Allocated Memory" error occurs

However once that table is done, I need to be able to make a Pareto Selection based on those customers (I'm trying to make the Pareto percentage a variable, so it's not static to let's say "80/20")

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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First, to avoid having the memory error message, you can label your expressions with names different than your actual fields.

As to your request, you can find attached a possible solution (based on your data structure in the qvw, as in other scenarios, the date field would be in 1 column and set analysis will be used for comparing current to previous year).

In the attached, enter your desired % in the pareto variable, in the new straight chart check the expression and the dimension limits for the functionality.

Hope this proves useful.