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Creator II
Creator II

Partial hierarchy reload problem

Hi guys,

I have HIERARCHY LOAD statement in the script which works fine in full reload mode and in my case produces a table MyHierarchy of 12 fields for hierarchy levels.

Now I need to externally update the source parent-child table to recreate the hierarchy table with HIERARCHY LOAD statement in partial reload mode. And this seems absolutely impossible.

Firstly, in partial reload mode both
statements produce another table MyHierarchy-1 with already 16 fields for hierarchy levels which is wrong.

Secondly, if I try to drop the table MyHierarchy before partially reloading the data the REPLACE HIERARCHY LOAD statement produces a table with just 1 field of hierarchy level.

Of course, the data in the source parent-child table remained intact during these tests.

It really seems that the HIERARCHY LOAD statement works absolutely differently in full reload and partial reload modes. Or am I wrong somewhere? What is the way to partially reload the tables with HIERARCHY LOAD and HIERARCHYBELONGSTO LOAD statements?

Any suggestions are highly appreciated. 🙂 Thanks.


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