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Contributor II
Contributor II

Partial reload *.QVW file

Dear all,

I have a .QVW file which has no script but a complex data model. This .QVW cannot be reloaded because I lose the data model and then, I was informed that this is a QlikView publication where script is erased. I know I can import data from other QlikView using Binary clause. What i do not understand is, why cannot we make a partial reload of new tables we add, using Add Load? Are the two (or more??) types of reloading data forbidden when publishing .QVW?

Thanks in advance!!

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you can reload the entire data model by using  "Binary Load".

Pont 1)-->Drawback of Add Load:-

First time u added a Add load to your script,and did Partial reload (Ctrl+Shift+R)

if you did 2nd time reload without removing Add key word from your Load statement then ambiguity of data will come

(i mean first partial reload will load 10 records ,2 nd reload will load 20 records if u r not removed Add key word).

so we need to take care.

Pont 2)--> once your application moves to Production you need to schedule the Binary load file first and after that your application else you won't get fresh data daily(if you have issue with your first file how will you schedule that first)

so you will get issue in Prod server.clients will face issue.

so my advice is better to create the data model one more time and copy paste the code also at .txt file so that you won't face any issue next time on wards.

if i am not understanding your issue properly please correct me.