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Passing dimension value in set analysis row by row

Hi guys

Month NameSales
Nov 16200
Dec 16300
Jan 17400
Feb 17500

I want to develop above mentioned report.

Exp: Sum({<TransMonthName = {">=Max(MonthName) <=AddMonths(Max(MonthName),1)"}>}Sales)

Sales and TransMonthName fields are Table A

Month Name field is in Table B

Both the tables are linked via Key.

Problem: I want to pass each dimension value in set expression (">=Max(MonthName) <=AddMonths(Max(MonthName),1)"

For Example : Dimension value Nov 16 , Exp: Sum({<TransMonthName = {">=Nov 16<=Dec 16"}>}Sales)

                     Dimension value Dec16 , Exp: Sum({<TransMonthName = {">=Dec16<=jan 17"}>}Sales)

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