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Contributor III
Contributor III

Performance Issues

Hello there,

i've created a simple data model with only one table. In the app i've only got a straight table object with

one expression and five dimensions. By Scrolling through the data it's slighty stuttering.

Whenever i resize the straight table object, so let's say that there are only a few lines visible without Scrolling - it runs

much better...

I've checked the proberties of the document and the straight table is only using 358 KB... any ideas?

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I came across some performance issues in an app someone else had created, and they had put now() into a variable.  Any time that variable appeared on a sheet the whole server trembled...

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Yes, you are right - now() is a performance-killer.


Is your data getting refreshed daily?

Are you using resident load? You can call from QVD instead of calling from resident if u are using that.


Hi Bernd, share in here your SET parameters in expression. Share the number of ROWs of your data not size in MB. What browser are you using? IE? Try another one.

Are you using virtual environment server?

Are you using virtual environment at client side?

Is it working good in QV Desktop? How much RAM it takes when you run an app on Desktop? How much do you have on client side RAM available?