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Partner - Creator

Performance issue in Trigger Expression

Hi All,

Observing some strange behavior related to Qlikview performance.

we have a trigger where we need to select list of customers based on certain set analysis filters.

We  came across a situation where for the first iteration the customers to be selected in the list box were around 65K which took around 90 sec.

In the second iteration ,based on a new  filter ( set analysis) the customers to be selected were 90K which took around 17sec.

So ,why was the second iteration with more customers quicker?

Is there any subset caching kind of concept here?

Below is the Expression we are using for your reference:

Trigger Expression for scenario#1:

='(' & concat(Distinct {<Customer={"=sum(Volume)>200"}>} Customer ,'|')  &')'

Trigger Expression for scenario#2:

='(' & concat(Distinct {<Customer={"=sum(Volume)>100"}>} Customer ,'|')  &')'

Has anyone come across such a scenario?

Thanks and Regards,


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There might be some caching involved, but try filtering based on the search string



Search String