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Creator II
Creator II

Pick match statement without creating an extra expression

Dear Qlik user

I have a pick match statement which counts a number of patients by a category based on a button selection

I.e. Pick(Match(v_selected1,2,3),$(Count_Day), $(Count_Emerg), $(Count_IP)))

I would like to know whether it is possible to use a second field to show the number of patients who died from filed IP_Discharge_Method without having to rewrite my expressions

I.e. If(IP_Discharge_Method=Died(Pick(Match(v_selected1,2,3),$(Count_Day), $(Count_Emerg), $(Count_IP)))

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards


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Master II
Master II

More info on the requirement please.

Learning never stops.
MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I assume that your variables within the pick-part are expressions. And there you could add something like:

... IP_Discharge_Method = {'Died'} ...

to apply this condition or maybe:

... IP_Discharge_Method = p(IP_Discharge_Method) ...

to be more flexible and just select which values should be included within the condition.

- Marcus