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Pie Chart use field as Pop up label

Hi All,

I have this problem where i need to show one field as the pop up label in Pie Chart

for example i have this table below


G1,We Have 1

G1,We have 2

G1,We have 3

G2,We have 1

G2,We have 2

so i want a pie chart using group as dimension and want to show Description as pop up label. So when we hover to G1 Pie it will show the 3 description above as the pop up label

Is it possible to do it like that?

Please help

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Try like this:

Chart - Pie chart

Dim - Group

Expression - Count(Description)  - Label - Description, Select - Values on Data points.

Presentation - Pop up Labels ....


Apply, Ok.

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Hi Bala,

Thank you for replying

i actually manage to create something like this using this script

=concat(distinct content & ' = '  & aggr(avg(rank),content,QuestionName),chr(10))

but it shows duplicate with null value

is there something wrong with the script?

Pie Chart.png