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Creator III
Creator III

Pie chart

Hi all

I wanted to have a pie chart with two colours ..

And i will be using only expression like


and the field income has numbers from 1 to 80 ..

and i want to set something like if the output is less than 50 it should show red colour other than that it show green coloour ..

Is this possible ..

I want to show a donut chart something like this


How can i achive this in qlikview ?

please help

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Creator II
Creator II

There's a great page here that I used then developed some of my own:

A sneaky use of QlikView gauges - Doughnut gauges

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Charlotte,

This is about gauge chart ..

i just wanted to implement this in pie chart with no dimension ,,,,

and there should be two colour for it ....

Champion III
Champion III

Can you share some sample data to work on?

Master II
Master II

It is difficult to build a chart without dimensions.

Either you use Calculated Dimension but it may give you error depending on your expression.

A dimensions should be used.