A sneaky use of QlikView gauges - Doughnut gauges

    Here is a quick entry on how to create a doughnut gauge. These gauges provide an effective way of representing a percentile measure like a KPI. The gauge has the advantage over a Pie Chart of only requiring only one expression and can be formatted to produce a much cleaner looking chart.


    Step 1: Write your expression. You dont need to use a percentage you can use a total value.

    Step 2: Add a gauge chart to your document

    Step 3: Configure the gauge

         GENERAL: Gauge

         DIMENSIONS: No Dimensions

         EXPRESSIONS: =1 (this forces the gauge to show the full circle)

         STYLE: Choose the simple circular gauge.


              Min = 0

              Max = 1

              Indicator.Mode = Fill to Value

              Show Scale = untick

              Autowidth Segments = untick

              Cylinder Thickness = 50

              Angle Span = 360

              Center Angle = 0

              Hide Segment Boundaries = tick

              Hide Gauge Outlines = tick

              Segment 2.LowerBound = Expression from step 1

              Segment 2.Colour = Black

              Text in Chart = Expression from step 1


    That's it. You can finesse to your hearts content. If you prefer to not use a percentage then the expression and the max need to be the total of the whole measures and the segment 2 lower bound would need to be the subset's measure value (really useful for showing things like data quality scores, order completeness, etc)