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Creator II
Creator II

Pivot Table (weighted Avg) issue.

Hello All,

I am trying to create a pivot table in QlikView and perform a weighted average calculation, I have 3 dimensions(AREA, AREA 2, PRODUCT CODE) while two metric fields (RATE and Factor), I am trying to get the value in F14 cell (green colored ) which is basically derived by sum(Rate*Factor)/  sum(Rate).  I tried using Aggr and avg function  but somehow not able to get the right value.

Attached is the sample data set I used for the below pivot.  Thanks for the help !

2 Replies

I haven't see any difficult in your expression, What are you getting when you use same as your expression

Or else, Try this way

Avg(Aggr((Sum(Rate*Factor)/Sum(Rate)), AREA, [AREA 2], [PRODUCT CODE]))

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Hi saurabh,

may be try this..

Sum(TOTAL<[AREA 2]>Rate*factor)/Sum(TOTAL <[AREA 2]>Rate))